Voyageur Country ATV seeks to develop a network of safe and accessible ATV trails connecting our beautiful, remote communities here in northern St Louis County.  We have organized many outdoor enthusiasts into a club which has grown rapidly in size over the past three years.  Begun in April 2015 with 66 members, the Voyageur Country ATV club now has a membership of over 700!  This club has been influential in opening several US Forest Service Roads and St Louis County roads in our area to connect hundreds of miles of existing wooded trails.  We invite you to be a part of this great movement!

Our mission includes these main goals:
​Provide safe and designated corridors for ATV riders,  Provide family-friendly outdoor opportunities

Connect local communities,  Protect the environment, Promote responsible riding
Positively impact local tourism,  Collaborate with snowmobile clubs for multi-use trails.

​​Voyageur Country atv

Ride hard!  Don't leave a mark!


Voyageur Country ATV is seeking Volunteers to help with Grant Writing, Fundraising Events, Managing Memberships,  Improving Trails.....  So many of our members have talents we don't even know about.  You don't have to live in our communities - no problem, helping out the team and we would communicate with you via phone/emails.  Please consider if you have a few hours a month to spare, it will only help make our trails even better. 
Call us at 218-993-2401 or email
VoyageurCountryATV@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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November 13 - Echo Trail Tavern "Buyck"
December 7 - Christmas Party at the Vermilion River Tavern (the VRT)
January 8, 2020 – The Crescent
Feb 12 – Scott's Crane Lake Bar and Grill
March 11 – The Dam Supper Club, Orr 
April 8 – the VFW, Cook - Cancelled

May 13 – Trails End (Annual Meeting)
June 10 – Wolf Bay, Lake Vermilion
July 8 – Nelsons Resort
August 12 – Board Meeting Only
Sept 9 – Voyagaire Lodge
October 14 – Melgeorge's Elephant Lake Lodge
Nov 11 – Echo Trail Tavern

May 2, 2020 Club Clean-Up @10:00

In lieu of the ride being cancelled, the club is looking for your help.  There is some work to be done at the Vermilion River Bridge picnic site and we could use your help (new ATV steel bridge). This is a premier trail and feature, but looks messy with some debris, rocks, silt fences, downed trees, and the left over from construction.  Bring your gloves, shovels and rakes, brushing saws and chainsaws, and come help us spruce up the site for the guest riders and future club gatherings.  We will practice social distancing while we work and please bring your own food and beverage for a picnic while you work. 

Hope to see many of our club members out helping this Saturday. 

Highway clean up Orr section.  This is scheduled for May 3rd.  Can someone head this project and let people know where to meet!